Media Planet is pleased to announce it has secured the premier onboard static advertising rights for Tigerair Australia. Get more information on .
Tigerair Australia operates 14 x A320 aircrafts across 21 domestic routes across Australia. With over 400 flights and carrying around 72,000 passengers a week, Tigerair is proud of it’s on time flight record and the industry’s lowest cancellation rates.

There are two engaging media options:

Tray Table Backs
Tray table decals provide advertisers and agencies with the ability to reach passengers in a distraction free environment for a minimum of one hour. The message remains visible to passengers when the tray tables are in their upright and locked position.

Overhead Lockers
Overhead locker decals allow an advertiser to create an appealing advertising message that flows from the front to the rear of the aircraft. The message is visible to passengers when the overhead bins are closed.

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